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Go FYM!!

Through personal experience members of Free Your Mind S/L have seen that youth in Sierra Leone are still influenced by the consequences of what they have experienced during the civil war. Mostly these youths have to deal with the - sometimes horrible - experiences on their own. Several international studies have shown that being able to communicate about these experiences, will be beneficial for both the youths and their community. The same is true for other kinds of (severe) negative experiences.

Free Your Mind S/L wants to be supportive to youth in Sierra Leone that suffer the consequences of (severe) negative experiences due to the civil war or otherwise.

Through several creative activities the youth will be able to express their memories and feelings, and to share these with others. These activities will start (in small groups) with the present situation of the youth, to gently get to know each other. Once there is a bases of trust, the creative activities will deal with the past. The final sessions will deal with the future, and will focus on motivating and supporting the youth to take an active part in improving the future of themselves as well as their community.

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