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At this moment the Free Your Mind centre is completely in the hands of volunteers. These volunteers put a lot of effort in making sure that the centre is open five days a week. They are giving the different classes, keeping the centre clean, advising the youths when necessary and are sharing information about Free Your Mind to everybody who wants to hear. They are really doing indispensable work for Free Your Mind at this moment.

Alpha Kamara _ Country Director of FYM SLAlpha Kamara – Country Director and tutor
"My name is Alpha Kamara, born on the 26 April 1984. I am a Sierra Leonean; I am living in the capital city of my country called Freetown. I attended some of the best schools in my country till the last level of schooling. I got my first working experience from an organization called iEARN Sierra Leone in 2007 where I was working as the secretary. That was the place where I met Sanne Haanraads from the Netherlands in 2009. She was doing an internship and was teaching Art Therapy.

So as a secretary at that time I was helping Sanne with her research for her to achieve her goal. Whenever she was teaching the students I was writing about her class, just because I liked it so much. After writing a lot I showed it to her and since then we started to put it in a project format. Now this project has turned into an organization, a legal registered organization. Which is helping lots of youth and kids in my country!

I am proud to say that I am one of the founding members and also the country director of Free Your Mind. As the country director I have a big role to play in the organization. I need to oversee the whole programme, make sure that everything is going the right way, motivate my staff, write reports and search for new projects and sponsors.

I also try to see how best my students can gain knowledge from the whole programme. For things like that to happen I sometimes help my staff on the teaching aspect. I believe in the way I am running the organization with the help of my staff, board members, founding members and donors Free Your Mind is going to make a big change in my country."

Ibrahim Samura - Outreach facilitator of FYM SLIbrahim Samura – Field & Outreach officer and tutor
"Ibrahim Samura is my name, I was born on 12 December 1984 in Kenema district, the eastern region of Sierra Leone. I attended the west African Methodist senior secondary school in Freetown. I am a Muslim who came from a family of seven, with five sisters and a brother, I am the eldest. I like to read and watch television. Another thing I like to do also is to work with youths in helping them with their problems in terms of advice and counseling.

After high school I went to work as a volunteer in an organization called ‘Empowering children and youth Sierra Leone’. I worked for this organization for about three months as the administrator. I believe I did my work very well because I was able to bring a lot of youths together, some as teachers and the others as student. After I left there I went to work with Free Your Mind, for which I am still working as the outreach officer. My duty is to connect Free Your Mind with other organizations and also assist the students through administration procedures and much more. I did not only limit my work to the above.

  • I also assist in controlling the students and make sure they obey by the rules and regulations of the organization.
  • I organize cleaning hours for the centre with the students once in a while.
  • But most of all I give the English class, cause I am second in that department.

I am very happy working for this organization because I have been given the opportunity to work with youth and children for that is my dream. Working for Free Your Mind is an experience I never thought I would have, but thanks to God I was able to prove that wrong."    

Amos F.V.S Fabu - IT technichian of FYM SLAmos F.V.S. Fabu – IT Technician and tutor
"My name is Amos F.V.S. Fabu, I was born on 2 May 1991 in Motehma, Kono district in Sierra Leone. I grew in up in the capital city called Freetown and that is where I’m presently staying. I am Christian by religion. I am the IT Technician and computer tutor of Free Your Mind Sierra Leone and also head of the music and drama department. I make sure that the computers are working and that the right programs are installed. If all that is working then I am teaching the youths of Free Your Mind how to use the computer. We start with the basic things like starting the computer and opening a new window. Later we move on to different kind of programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. For the music and drama department I write different kind of songs and put plays together. I practice with the youths and try to teach them some things considering singing and acting.

I was born in a family of three and I’m the second child, I was raised by my mother and I have been with her from preschool to high school. After high school, at the age of sixteen, I moved out and start living on my own. I had to make a decision. At first I was studying accounting, but then I came across the next saying: “When you love what you are doing, you will find joy and excel in it”. It changed my perception and I decided to stop with accounting and started with Information Technology. I really have a passion for that. Even as a child I used nails to open my mother’s radio trying to fix it. Sometimes I took a brand new cassette player or radio just trying to see how it worked. It was fun for me and even though my mother knew that I was wasting her money she’d never mind and stopped me.

In the past I have worked as a cyber technician, computer tutor and also as a marketer. I do love to sing and write songs, especially classic songs. But most of all I love working with young people."

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