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Symposium for Special Court

Students at the symposium for Special CourtThe high table at the symposium for Special Court

The war has had a huge impact on the lives of the people in Sierra Leone. Charles Taylor was one of the leaders during this war and his trial is therefore a hot item for a lot of Sierra Leoneans. Some people do not really know what is going on, sometimes because they do not have the money to buy a newspaper. Once in a while the Special Court in Sierra Leone sponsors small organizations to inform the people in different communities about the trial. Free Your Mind also got the chance to do this. To get the right information this kind of symposiums are therefore important. 

On 11 February 2012 Free Your Mind has organized a one day symposium in the community Congo Town. About 150 youths and adults came together to listen to the progress of the Charles Taylor trial told by representatives of the Special Court. The participants have shared their opinions about the trial and have also given their say on issues which are affecting their lives.

It was a good day where both school-going youths, working and unemployed youhts and adults were discussing important issues with the community elders and the representatives of the Special Court. The participants was given the chance to ask a lot of questions about the Charles Taylor trial and they have really made use of this opportunity.

To read more about the Special Court for Sierra Leone you can click here.

African Youth Day

Marching through town on African Youth Day

African Youth Day, 1 November 2011, a day celebrated throughout Africa to show what an important role young people are playing in the development of a country. A day for youths to get encouraged and motivated. This year's theme: "Empowerment and Unity".

Several youth groups, including Free Your Mind, gathered by the bus station in Freetown. Everybody got a t-shirt and they walked, behind the music band, from the bus station to the National Stadium. A lot of people were standing alongside the street.

After the opening prayer and the opening speech in the stadium it was Free Your Mind’s turn. We were asked to perform a short play about empowerment en unity. One of the volunteers of Free Your Mind had put a play together and the youths were acting on stage. In short the play was about an younger and an older man. At first it looked like as if the older one wanted to help the younger one but soon it got clear that the older man just wanted to use the younger man. The older man said he was requesting for funding by the Ministry but when the request got approved he forgot all about the younger man. Fortunately employees from the Ministry came to check and noticed that there was something wrong. They met with the younger man and everything got solved.

Right after the play the whole Free Your Mind group came on stage and together they sang a song about peace and unity. “Peace ... love ... that's what makes us strong”. The whole audience was singing and clapping.

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