Organizational structure

Free Your Mind has the ambition to be a positive infuence in Sierra Leone. Together with professionals and local experts, who are connected to Free Your Mind on a voluntary basis, we are working on this ambition.

Free Your Mind is a legal registered organization in Sierra Leone since 25 September 2009. We have registered the organization by the ‘Ministry of Youth and Sport’ and by ‘City Counsil’. (We are still waiting for the ‘Ministry of Tourism’ to approve our application. )

The organizational structure is as follows. (All functions within Free Your Mind S/L are open for both men and woman.)

Classification of staff members

National Board

This is the highest level of management which functions as an overall overseer and coordinator of the national organization. The members of the National Board will positively influence and direct the organization through knowledge, wisdom and advice.

Country Director
He is the overall director for the national implementation of the Vision & Mission of the organization. He is responsible for running the organization and guiding the other staff members.

Advisory Officer
He will mainly function on the background of the organization. If the organization is in need of any legal or other advice we will make contact with him.

Project & Programme Manager
He is responsible for translating the Vision & Mission of Free Your Mind S/L into national, regional and local projects and programmes. He will make contact with different organizations to see if there are funds for specific projects and will develop multiple projects for the organization.

Field & Outreach Officer
He will be the main source of information to external parties. His task is to inform external parties and to seek possibilities for co-operation. 

Administrator & Finance Officer
He is responsible for a clean and transparent representation and documentation of all internal processes and (financial) activities of Free Your Mind S/L.

IT Technician
He is responsible for the maintenance of the computers.

They teach the classes of the FYM Module and the skills development classes. Next to teaching they play an important role in communicating with the students. Most teachers also have another function within Free Your Mind.
(At the moment the English classes are taught by Miss Kitty, an experienced volunteer who is fluent in both Krio and English. If it is not possible for her to come one of the teachers will take over the class.)

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