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Gibrilla SesayGibrilla Sesay, the carpenter
When we started the Free Your Mind centre we needed some benches and tables. Luckily we found Gibrilla Sesay (Gibo). Gibo is a carpenter who is making everything by hand. We asked him to make two benches and two tables to put the computers on. Gibo was enthusiastic about the Free Your Mind vision and mission and he made those furniture’s for a low cost. The work he delivered was really wonderful work and it looked better then we could imagine.

To read more about Gibo his life, work and dreams, please click here.

Many people helped to 'Give Sanne wings'
In 2011 Sanne wanted to go back to Sierra Leone to see if she could give Free Your Mind a boost so that things were really going to take of. Many people responded to a fundraising activity (in Holland, Europe) named ‘Give Sanne wings’. With the help of this fund Sanne was able to pay most of her plane ticket to Sierra Leone. This gave her the chance to spent a lot of time in Sierra Leone and set up the organization nicely.    

This fundraising was very special, cause even before everything had started there were already people who believed in the project and who were willing to support Sanne to fulfill her mission. Sanne and Free Your Mind are still thankful for that. 

Lyceum aan Zee
Logo of Lyceum at SeaIn January 2011 Sanne Haanraads went to her old secondary school, named 'Lyceum aan Zee' (Lyceum/Schools at Sea). During several geography lessons she spoke about Free Your Mind and informed the students how it was for her to be in Sierra Leone and what Free Your Mind is doing there. At the end the lyceum at Sea gave Sanne a donation for Free Your Mind.

Jac. P. Thijsseschool

Students of the Jac. P. ThijsseschoolIn 2010 students of Sannes former primary school organized a fund raising, partly for their school and partly for Free Your Mind. In January 2011 Sanne went to the Jac. P. Thijsseschool to talk about Free Your Mind and Sierra Leone. A lot of questions were asked and answered. After this the students told her about the fundraising and the amount of money they had gathered.

René Beemer - general support

René BeemerBeing an uncle of Sanne, René has been involved in the Free Your Mind project since the early beginning. He freely donates advice and support to make it a success. His involvement ranges from writing/editing texts, setting up this website, fundraising activities and more.

(René is also an active member of the Dutch Vegan Society, trying to support a way of live which is beneficial for the well being of humans, animals and the whole planet.)

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