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Logo of FYM SaloneAn organization founded by and focused on the youth in Sierra Leone, based on Art Therapy principles and on programmes that will include art, music and drama. Working together as a group on the present, past and future life of the youth in Sierra Leone. That is what Free Your Mind is all about.


Peace is the foundation of development of our nationFree Your Mind is a programme especially written for the youth in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a country where there has been a brutal war for years. Lots of kids became victim of this war. They have seen or been through a lot of (really) bad experiences. It has been peaceful since 2002 but these kids, youth by now, are still struggling with what has happened in the past. They cannot or do not dare to talk about it or their surrounding does not provide the place to do so. Sharing the experience itself and the feelings that come with it, is very important for dealing with a trauma. For others it is not so much what they have been through during the war, but is it other kind of negative experiences that still play a roll today.

Free Your Mind is the place to be for these youths and is focused on dealing with the problems stated above. The programme includes weekly meetings in which the youth, under guidance of a creative therapist and local volunteers, will have an active role in several creative activities. With the help of drawings, acting and music the youth will be asked to think about and express the themes: present, past and future.

By doing this the youth will be stimulated to tell their story in a non-verbal way and to share their experiences with their companions. From experience we know that making a drawing, acting or making music will help to make it easier to talk about what happened in the past. By sharing their stories the youth will find some peace within themselves and it gives them space to think about their future.

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