FYM Module & skills development

The key types of development themes our organization works on are:

  • FYM Module - dealing with passed experiences
  • Skills development - developing personal and professional skills

FYM Module
Giving a presentationFor dealing with passed experiences Free Your Mind works with the 'FYM Module', a module that has been co-developed together with a European based school specializing in Art Therapy. Its emphasis lies on using creative activities like art, music and drama to look at the present, past and future lives of the youth. Originally developed for dealing with war-inflicted dramatic experiences, is has been customized to also address other kinds of negativity in the past of the youth.

The module itself consists out of 13 different classes in which we work on the present, the past and the future life of the youths. Each class will take about one and a half hour to two hours and will be given by one of the trained volunteers of Free Your Mind. The group can be as large as 10 – 15 people. The different classes have different topics like: 'This is how I live', 'My nightmare' and 'I have a dream'. 

At the end of the module the youth will organize a small exhibition for themselves. If they want to they are allowed to invite their family and friends, other organizations, the first lady, etc. to come and see what they have done during the FYM Module. It is good for the youths to look back at what they have done and to see how they have grown. It will give them an overview of their situation and will stimulate them to go on. This exhibition will be another challenge for the students and train some of their other skills (organizing an exhibition, presenting themselves for a large group, speaking in public, etc.).

Skills development

During the Free Your Mind programme we put a lot of attention to skill development that will help the youth in the future. These skills include basic training in:

  • speaking and writing proper English
  • using the computer and the internet
  • writing a job application letter and practice with a job interview
  • poem and play writing
  • using a digital camera and video camera
  • organizing an exhibition

English and computer
Free Your Mind is giving basic skill training of the English language and the computer. Not all the students know how to speak or write proper English or how to handle a computer. They need these skills because a large part of the programme is about sharing their stories with others. They will share them with their group mates and maybe their family or friends, but this project also wants to give them the chance to share their stories with people from overseas.

The students will first learn the basic things about the English language and the computer and after that we will teach them how to express themselves on the internet, communicate with different young people in other countries and how to design their personal story with pictures and videos.

Once the students know how to express themselves in English we will also teach them expressing themselves in a creative way in English. This means that we will give them the basics of how to write a poem or a play.

English classComputer training

Digital expression
The Free Your Mind programme also includes being creative with a digital camera and video camera. It is a whole other level of showing and expressing your story in this way and we would like to educate our students on these items. At first we will learn them how to make pictures and videos. After that we will teach them how to edit their own material and in what way they can add something on their personal story. People say that a picture sometimes says more than one thousand words and that is what we would like to teach our students too.

Other practical things
During the programme we put a lot of attention to different kind of skill development. Like stated above we will teach them proper English and how to work with a computer, but they will also learn other practical things. For example: how to write an application letter and how to debate. And, very important, we will teach them to listen and talk to each other in a respectful way.

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