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Logo NASFIn 2010 the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation handed out the first Albert Schweitzer Prize. This is a prize given to youth in Holland, given to stimulate a starting development initiative, focused on several health care issues, in sub-Sahara Africa. Free Your Mind was the fortunate winner of this Prize. Thanks to the Albert Schweitzer Prize Free Your Mind was able to continue the development of the organization.

Picture of Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
was born on 14 January 1875 in Kaysersberg, Elzas. He is particularly known for his years of dedication and work as a doctor in a hospital called Lambaréné, Gabon, Central Afrika. He spent most of his life in this, by himself founded, hospital. Albert Schweitzer dedicated his life to the wellbeing of mankind, but was also a theologian, philosopher and musician. He has spread his ethics through many letters and lectures and in 1952 he received the Nobel prize for Peace. With the money that came by this prize he started building the village Lumière. It is close by the hospital Lambaréné and is specially made for leprosy patients.

Today Albert Schweitzer is still known for his vision on life and is an inspiration source for many. Albert translated his ideals to concrete activities, like ‘ not only thinking but also certainly do’ and unselfish aid there, where the need is the highest.’

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